2302.038 - County Ditch #58 - 152nd Avenue Cross Culvert
Lead Engineer : David Krugler P.E.
E-mail: dkrugler@rfcengineering.com
(763) 862 - 8000

7/11/24 - The creek bypass pipe was installed on 7/10/24. The creek's water level needs to come down a few more inches before the creek can be temporarily diverted.

7/1/24 - The creek's water level is still too high to remove the existing pipe and temporarily divert the creek around the construction area.

6/24/24 - Dewatering methods are being installed today. Once the creek water levels are lower, the existing culvert can be removed.

6/11/24 - Tree clearing is scheduled for today.

6/10/24 - Centerpoint will be installing the new gas line.

5/28/24 - Survey staking to begin.

5/2/24 - The contractor has provided their planned construction schedule, which can be found here County Ditch #58 Culvert Replacement Schedule.
The planned start date is June 3rd. The dates within the schedule are subject to change depending upon weather and contractor scheduling.

4/8/24 - Resident letters mailed with project details and contractor.

4/4/24 - The project was awarded to Northdale Construction at the April 1st City Council Meeting. The starting date has not yet been determined but will be updated as information becomes available.

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