City of Ham Lake Street Construction Projects

Resident Information

169th Avenue/Xylite Street Reconstruction

Last Updated on 11/29/2016 3:35:38 PM

147th Avenue/Baltimore Street/148th Lane from Aberdeen Street to Hastings Street

Last Updated on 2/18/2016 9:19:58 AM

Eveleth Street from 134th Avenue to Bunker Lake Boulevard

Last Updated on 10/31/2016 11:59:24 AM

West Frontage Road from 176th Ave to 179th Ave

Last Updated on 2/18/2016 9:21:32 AM

149th Avenue Reconstruction

Last Updated on 2/18/2016 9:21:52 AM

Rose Crest Street Upgrade

Last Updated on 4/25/2017 1:01:40 PM

Aberdeen Street from Contance Blvd to 165th Avenue

Last Updated on 10/21/2016 12:38:32 PM

165th Avenue, Fraizer Street and 167th Avenue Feasibility

Last Updated on 10/14/2016 9:51:01 AM

2017 Bituminous Overlay

Last Updated on 2/13/2017 2:58:20 PM

Bunker Lake Blvd. from Crane St. to Jefferson St.

Project administered by Anoka County Highway Department

Constance Blvd. County Overlay from East Lake Netta Dr. to Lexington Ave.

Project administered by Anoka County Highway Department